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Stream Clean™ Features:

When your pet lays down a stream, you need to get it clean!

Hi Marc Gill here for Stream Clean, the standup way to blast pet stains and odors away. No bending and no scrubbing! Look, this black light shows it all – Stream Clean does all the work, so you don't have to. Just point and stream and your carpet gets clean – amazing!

Hidden urine stains glow, and then Stream Clean goes to work to instantly clean!

Just stream it on and the stain is gone! The secret is Stream Cleans bio-enzymatic formula that seeks out and destroys the odor and stain so nothing remains. That means your pets won't remark or respray, they just walk away – guaranteed! Poopy paws on the floor? Stream Clean gets out the stain and stink like it was never there! Look at that, in a matter of seconds that stain is gone! This litter box is where stains and odors live. Now you can just give it the stream to deodorize and clean.

Just stream it one and the stain is gone!

Even those spills and stains we don't like to talk about – don't scream, just Stream Clean, and within seconds, the odors and the stains are gone!

You'll save hundred on cleaning and thousands on replacement costs – now that's clean! Stream Clean is safe around your pets and you, and there's no sticky residue. And it's not just for pet stains? Spill red wine? Just stream clean it! Dump coffee or tea? Just Stream Clean it!

Now you can stand up to pet and people stains – new, old, even set it.

Call now and we'll send enough Stream Clean to send a house full of stains and odors for just ten dollars. Order now, and we'll double the offer – just pay separate processing and handling. We'll also include this black light stain detective – easily find old stains, invisible smells, and stop pet marking – free! You get it all for just ten dollars! Call or log on now!